As part of City-zen, Go2Zero is designed as an attractive game where stakeholders such as local communities, schools and universities, construction companies, network operators, energy suppliers (local ) and citizens jointly explore the impacts of decisions and interests of each other, and decide on actions and policies to implement to achieve the objectives envisaged effective and economically efficient manner.

Go2Zero is particularly useful for the following urban challenges:

  • The transition to Zero-Energy District is hampered by different views and expectations that often lack a solid basis in reality.
  • The many players follow their own planning processes, interests and approaches to the problem.
  • This results in inefficient development pathways that carry the risk of sub-optimal solutions and low adoption by stakeholders.

Go2Zero game sessionWhat is the expected outcome of the project?

Playing Go2Zero, participants realize what degrees the areas of intervention and objectives for smart territories affect each other and realize firsthand the consequences of the different strategies. Each player receives feedback on several criteria based on the combined effect of all individual decisions. Consequently, stakeholders are exploring the impacts of the process and the interests of planning another, and determines the actions and policies that are necessary to achieve the objectives envisaged in the smart green city. Also, think and act in the role of another actor can provide unique information that can each achieve his own goal.Go2Zero can be implemented in the projects as follows:

  • Road-mapping: knowledge extraction and sizing
  • Education: knowledge transfer.
  • Launch projects of smart green communities: creating a common starting point, teambuilding.
  • Co-creation in the streets or neighborhoods understand the vision of the other and help define a common goal. Explore collectively the transition paths.

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